Discover Pipeline - Automated Invoice and Billing

Pipeline is a simple-to-use invoicing web application that makes invoicing and billing your clients a breeze, designed specifically for use by UK companies. Pipeline can help you with time tracking, automated invoicing, and reporting - saving you time and money.

Pipeline Features - Automated Invoicing and Billing

  • Automatically generate and email personalized PDF invoices and statements to your clients
  • Track time for each individual member of staff against each project they work on
  • Clear time sheets for staff members to fill in
  • Easily billing your clients for fixed and variable cost tasks, products and services

Pipeline Benefits

  • Save time - no more hours wasted on invoicing and billing!
  • Save money - never miss any billable hours
  • Look more professional with a clear and personalized invoice design
  • Simple and easy for the whole team to use
  • View clear financial reports and manage your aged-debt
  • Free trial account


Who is Pipeline For?

If you are still spending hours tracking time in Excel, fiddling with each invoice in Word or spending days billing your clients, Pipeline is for you. If your staff members waste time every day strugging over time sheets, not knowing who to bill, Pipeline can help. Unlike other online invoicing applications that assume you're based in the US and billing in dollars, Pipeline is designed and built in the UK and is tailored for use here.

Who is Pipeline For?

"Pipeline is a great tool, which has enabled us to revolutionise our accounting and project management systems. With the Pipeline platform we have made our business more streamlined, saving time and money, whilst increasing staff efficiency and accountability"

Matt Evans, Director, Solid State Group

"As a small creative agency whose focus is on doing the work and not the admin, this has freed up time and resource we wouldn't have otherwise had."

Dan M.T Slatter, Partner, Idea Junction

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